You cannot explore the Archangels without the Archeia. For the feminine aspect gives birth to the masculine Spiritual aspect on the Earth plane, thus bringing both the lessons and their understanding to you in physicality. The Archeia act as a bridgehead between humanity and the Higher realms of Spirit and of God. At this time there is a great need to access these realms and manifest them on Earth and this may only truly be accomplished through working with the energies of the feminine aspects - the Divine complements of the Archangels."

Azrael Magdalena, the Lady Mercy

Chamuel Seraphina, the Lady Charity

Gabriel Annunciata, the Lady Hope

Haniel Maryllisa, the Lady Radiant

Jophiel Lucida, the Lady Clarity

Metatron Sophia, the Lady Constance

Michael Mikaela, the Lady Faith

Raphael Mareia, the Lady Virtue

Sandalphon Shekhinah, the Lady Patience

Tzadkiel Amethystia, the Lady Purity

Uriel Rainbow Aurora, the Lady Grace

Tzaphkiel Okina, the Lady Liberty

Ratziel Jochara, the Lady Victory

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